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3D Project

Published by Bortnitskystudio in 3D PROJECT · 15 December 2021
3D design studio, thanks to 3D modeling technologies BORTNITSKYSTUDIO, allows you to create a complete 3D project of your interior or exterior in cyberspace. We’ll think every detail at the design stage, analyze the 3d project and use all the most necessary and valuable.
Ordering a 3D project in the 3d design BORTNITSKYSTUDIO, you'll get a ready, calculated 3D model of your interior with all the drawings, details, components and materials volumes.
Thanks to the 3D project (3d visualization) of the interior of the house, apartment, you will be able to see the end result of your room, before the start of construction or repair work.
Such model allows you better understanding the logic of your future interior or exterior, discuss directly in the model any points, make adjustments and form a budget for future construction, excluding "unscheduled" material costs and "indefinite deadlines".
The customer, thanks to the 3D project, will hevs an opportunity that have been not there before - to feel your house, apartment and "live" in it even at the stage of 3D design.

Exception of errors.  
Due to the fact that the model reflects all the elements and structures, it is possible to avoid numerous inaccuracies and errors that are common in "flat" 2D design.
The architects of the 3d design studio BORTNITSKYSTUDIO see how the parts of the building, structural elements and engineering equipment are correlated and exclude errors such as "the beam came into the window", or "did not leave a hole under the air duct", etc.
The 3D project further not only reduces costs, but also makes the process of repair or construction manageable and predictable.

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